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Why Freckle Works

We believe that teachers know best. That’s why Freckle is designed to be both student-paced and teacher-led.

Meets the needs of every student

Continuously adapts for student practice in math or ELA activities, allowing teachers to spend less time manually differentiating lessons and more time helping students develop and progress.

Keeps students engaged while learning

Incentives and age-appropriate designs provide a balance of fun and learning. Rewards for achievement recognize student growth in ways they think are fun. Students will ask to practice in Freckle!

Accelerates student growth

Increase student growth and proficiency through standards-based skill development in math and ELA, personalized goal setting, and mastery. Easily identify skill gaps to determine where to focus teaching and learning.

Freckle software showing how it's adaptive Freckle software showing match problems Freckle software showing a math problem and solution


Self-paced exercises that meet students exactly where they are.

  • K–12 coverage of standards and skills
  • Continuously adapts to each student’s level
  • Teachers can assign a specific standard for some or all students to practice
  • Over 70,000 unique math questions
Freckle software showing language learning Freckle software showing skills to master Freckle software showing available articles to read

English Language Arts

Accelerate literacy equitably with differentiated resources.

  • K-12 coverage of standards and skills
  • Over 1,000 nonfiction and fiction passages that adapt to each student’s level
  • Teachers can assign a specific standard for some or all students to practice

What Teachers Say

See why educators love Freckle.

I appreciate that Freckle Math adapts for each student. It is simple to use for both the teacher and student. I like to use both the targeted practice in order to review concepts they have learned in class, while also assigning adaptive practice for each student to improve their skills individually.

Abby Osiniak


Northwood Temple Academy

North Carolina

Freckle Math simply makes my children smile. They feel confident with their skills and are excited to gain a better understanding of math every day.

Lloyd Goldberg


Newton Elementary School

Clark County School District, Nevada

I love that the Adaptive Math Pathway and Fact Practice sections are personalized to each student’s needs! This really helps with student engagement and academic growth!

Amanda Erceg


Alexander II Magnet School


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For Classrooms & Families

  • Intuitive DIY setup for your class
  • Unlimited student self-paced practice and a limited number of teacher assignments
  • Know which students are growing and which need more support
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For Schools & Districts

  • Roster once and power Freckle with Star Assessments, or use Clever or other rostering tools
  • Unlimited self-paced practice AND teacher assignments and lesson planning 
  • Administrator dashboards provide data and insights to accelerate learning and support district-level initiatives and goals
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